Property Managment

Let us be the cornerstone of your investment property

Break Free from the Stress of Leasing and Managing a Home

At Cornerstone Property Management Group LLC we are committed to the very best in residential and commercial property management services. We are licensed and insured real estate professionals that take pride in being very well informed on landlord/tenant law and use that knowledge to ensure the best possible relationship for both our tenants and investors.

We know that owning and managing rental property can be stressful, time consuming, and perhaps more than you bargained for. This is where we come in. We are committed to creating a environment of personal freedom from those late night phone calls and the showings that disrupt your weekend family time. Whether you need us to manage your occupied units, find suitable tenants for your vacancies, or take over all aspects of your rental base. We are there to help. We are also committed to finding the best possible tenant as quickly as possible to eliminate lengthy vacancies which increase profitability for our property owners.

Don’t let your assets turn into liabilities due to vacancies and management issues.

When utilizing Cornerstone Property Management LLC you can expect us to provide these services:

  • Advertise you vacant units. We use several social media outlets as well as a referral program with out current tenants.
  • Show your units. We will meet the perspective tenants, take applications, and do background checks.
  • Sign leases and all appropriate disclosures required by state law. We will make sure that all units have signed leases, lead paint disclosures and all other disclosures required by state law.
  • Collect deposits. You have the option of having that issued to you or we can keep it in a trust account.
  • Manage all unit keys. We will make and issue keys to new tenants. We will also handle all lock-outs any time of day.
  • Be present for all HUD inspections. We will attend all HUD inspections and inform you of the decision. If it doesn’t not pass, it will be handled according to your individual landlord agreement with us.
  • Rent increases. We will monitor market rents for maximum profitability for our clients and handle rental increases as needed.
  • Collect monthly rents. We have an office in the city of Fort Dodge with regular business hours and a secure drop box available 24 hours a day for your tenants convenience. You have the option of collecting your rents from our office or we will be happy to deposit that money into your account for you and provide you with copies of all checks and deposit slips. An invoice will be sent to you the following month for our services based on a percentage of the rent collected.
  • Handle all tenant service requests and phone calls. We will inform you of all service requests. Depending on how your account is set up with us, we will either handle the requests with your choice of maintenance providers or leave the repairs up to you.
  • Execute evictions. No one like to have to do an eviction but with our specially trained staff, we are able to take care of your evictions from the first notices to the court proceedings. We will even handle the property walk through and lock changes with the county sheriff if necessary.
  • Other services offered:
    1. Periodic property inspections, with photos if requested
    2. Unit cleaning, painting and lock changes between tenants
    3. Attend city rental inspections
    4. Monitor property lawns, provide lawn care if needed
    5. Short-term property management